Becoming a Foster Parent

Our Second Foster Child: Part 1

We got a call on Monday, November 26 from our agency stating there was an infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) who needed a foster family.  The county where she resides collects information on all the potential foster families interested and choose the family they think would be the best fit.  We waited all week and, needless to say, we were anxious the entire time. We had just started fundraising for our adoption so we had something to focus on but, it was so hard not thinking about this little baby.

We got a call that Friday that we were chosen and we could go visit her as soon as it was convenient.  As you can imagine, Andrew and I went that night. She was two weeks old and she was BE-YOU-TEE-FULL. We couldn’t wait to spend more time with her but we were only cautiously optimistic that she would be ours forever.

The next day, Andrew had to work and so I went up to the NICU by myself.  When I approached her bed, there was someone holding her. I didn’t know if this was her mother or a family member and I didn’t know if I should leave or stay. The visitor introduced herself and stated she was the aunt (let’s call her Courtney).  

We talked and got to know each other as she held baby.  Courtney gave me some of the infant’s history and she stated that if the parents do not succeed in reunification with the baby, her and her husband would bring her to Colorado to adopt her.  I have to honest, I was super let down. As I left later that day, I called Andrew and told him. We both shared our disappointed but both agreed we were thankful to know that news now so we could prepare.  

Over the next 3 weeks, Andrew and I went to visit her everyday.  She was growing so fast and we could tell already she would be a happy baby.  We prepared the house for her arrival since it could happen at any time. The call came on December 20th saying she was ready to be discharged from the NICU.

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