Becoming a Foster Parent

No More…

First let me apologize for not posting in such a long time.  We were concentrating on our foster child and then we had to take time to heal after she left our home.

Throughout June, plans were being made for our foster child to go to her family in Colorado.  There was a team meeting where the bio mother stated she and the father thought it best for their daughter to go to Colorado and start her life there.  So, the planning began.

We prepared ourselves the best we could but when the date became permanent, it hit us very hard.  I had no idea what it was going to be like to hand over a baby I had raised and loved as my own; but, we had no choice.

July 12th, Andrew and I flew to Colorado to bring her to her aunt and uncle.  She has 2 cousins who were so excited to finally meet her, they jumped for about 30 minutes straight.  She laughed and played with her family and after laying her down for a nap, we left for the hotel.

How did we handle it?  We were a mess but we supported one another (and there was A LOT of ice cream).

We got to visit with her everyday we were there and it was very therapeutic to see her adjust to her new life.  She’s doing great now.  Her aunt and uncle will adopt her and she has 2 big brothers who love her so much already.

We, on the other hand, miss her terribly.  We are super happy she is happy though and that has helped a bunch with our sadness.

We will visit as much as possible – hopefully, we can go for her first birthday in November.  In the meantime, we get to see pictures and videos of her growing, smiling and learning new things.

Andrew remains open to try foster down the road.  I, however, don’t think I am able to put myself through that emotional roller coaster again.  I know so may children need a home but you have to be able to care for yourself as well.  Maybe I will change my mind in a few years…

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