Becoming a Foster Parent

Our First Placement, Part 2

As the night progressed on Monday, the baby started working harder to breathe especially when eating.  I also noticed her secretions were getting thicker. It was too late for urgent care so our only option was the emergency room.  I packed her up in the car seat and headed out for our second trip. They… Continue reading Our First Placement, Part 2

Reaching Our Goal

Fundraising Update for February

We didn't have any new fundraisers for February but we were able to sell some cookbooks and items on our Etsy shop (in addition to our savings). As always, thank you to everyone who made a purchase. And don't miss out on ordering a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or other apparel as a new fundraiser has started!… Continue reading Fundraising Update for February

Foster Care

What is Foster Care?

What is Foster Care?  How does it differ from adoption or legal guardianship?  This post hopefully sheds light on some basic information about foster care you may or may not know.  First, you may see me or hear people calling foster care parents “resource parents”. They are the same thing, just a different name. The… Continue reading What is Foster Care?

Becoming a Foster Parent

Our First Placement

Just to give you a reference of where Andrew and I were in our infertility journey when we got the call for our first placement: we got the news that there was no heartbeat on Tuesday and I had a D&C on Thursday. On Friday, we were watching the Sound of Music and eating a… Continue reading Our First Placement

Becoming a Foster Parent

Getting Started

I first started looking into foster care around the time we switched clinics for our 2nd round of IVF.  Because of our “advanced” ages (still not easy to write) I didn’t want to wait to start the process because I’ve heard it can be lengthy.  I also thought it might be good to give myself… Continue reading Getting Started


IVF Costs

I wanted to share how much IVF can cost.  It’s A LOT so brace yourself. (And I know every clinic is different so just to clarify that this was my experience at the two clinics I had IVF.)   My 1st ClinicIVF: $9000 Included: cycle management, facility and physician fees, anesthesia, ultrasound, egg retrieval, sperm… Continue reading IVF Costs

The Infertility Process

The Things I Will Miss

Telling everyone. I’ve told people I’ve been closed to when I’ve been pregnant in the past so I guess this isn’t too foreign.  But I will miss being able to tell everyone I know that Andrew and I will be having a baby, to put it on Facebook, and to get all the congratulations. Feeling… Continue reading The Things I Will Miss

Reaching Our Goal

January Progress

Thank you to everyone who purchased a cookbook, cutting board, and/or items from the Thirty One Sale. The proceeds from the Thirty One sale are still being tallied and I will update that as soon as I know. Our goal was to get to $5000 by February and we made it!!!   We couldn’t make… Continue reading January Progress

The Infertility Process

Sharing Parents

Shortly after our miscarriage in August 2018, we had a foster child placed with us (more on that later).  There wasn’t a whole lot of time to grieve our loss and to grieve the loss of hope for having our own children.  Our feelings had to be put on hold to care for the little… Continue reading Sharing Parents

The Infertility Process

Embryo Transfer Number Three

First of all, let me say that this blog post has been the hardest of them all.  I’ve been avoiding writing this one because it’s difficult to think about how hopeful we were only to face more heartbreak.  I will also admit I haven't reread this post for typos or grammatical errors.  I can't.  So… Continue reading Embryo Transfer Number Three