Our Journey

Andrew and I began talking of growing our family long before our wedding day because we both knew we wanted to share our love with children.  On a pretty consistent basis, we talk about the things we want to teach our children: math, science, manners, caring for others. We talk about the places we want to take them: camping, Tahoe, San Francisco, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon.  We talk about the things we want to share with them: woodworking, cooking, baking, sewing. Unfortunately, we have only been able to talk about these things thus far.

We have been going through infertility treatments for the past four years.  The first 2 years were filled with testing and intrauterine inseminations (IUI’s) and even more testing.  When all of that was unsuccessful, we then moved on to in vitro fertilization (IVF). Although they were able to retrieve and fertilize a number of eggs, the embryos either do not implant or I have trouble carrying past 8 weeks.

We moved on to becoming foster parents in the hopes of finding our children through the foster-to-adopt process.  We found a great agency in our area and have already had the chance to open our home and heart to a child in need.  Her stay with us was only temporary and it gave us even more motivation to find children that were meant to be our children.

Andrew and I have now decided to pursue private adoption despite the financial barriers associated with this route.  We will still be a Resource Family for children who need a home; however, we felt the private adoption path would give us an opportunity to find our child.  

We are doing and will continue to do whatever it takes to overcome any hurdles on our journey to becoming parents.