Reaching Our Goal

October/November 2018 Fundraising

I think we are off to a pretty great start!!!

Savings: You may wonder why we have saved so little in the last month.  Well, the money went to great use: we purchased wood for cutting boards and the cost of printing the cookbooks.

Selling Items: We sold our big freezer in our garage for $100.  It also gave Andrew more room for his woodworking shop – win-win.

Burke’s Woodworks: We sold 1 cutting board and got orders for 2 butcher blocks and 2 cutting boards!  As soon as we get Andrew’s table saw fixed (waiting on a part that has traveled to more places in the US than Andrew and I), we will get to work.  Thanks for all the purchases and orders!

Cape Fundraising: We sold 11 capes.  Thank you to everyone who bought a cape!  The first order should be arriving this week or next.  The second order should be getting there in the next 1-2 weeks.

Cookbook Sales: I’ve sold 9 so far.  Thank you for everyone who has bought a cookbook!  (As a side note, I haven’t added these sales to the “How We Are Getting There” chart because I need to sell enough to make up for what I paid for printing. Once I break even with 27 cookbook sales, I will start adding the amount to the fundraising side.)


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